I am working on a game jam hosted on Gamejolt http://jams.gamejolt.io/girlslovejam

After looking on http://www.indiegamejams.com/ it was one of the jams that were one month long with a theme that kinda matched one of my game ideas. The project’s code name is Evol, and yes it is  Love spelled backwards indeed.

Moreover, finishing SpAliendeR took me way much more time that I intend to sped on so I will focus on smaller projects from now on as I have an infinity of other things to take of 😦  I will keep learning stuff about making games little by little, and a one month project is a perfect opportunity for that.
It’s been a while that I wanted to do a game in which everything will look like any other games except that the hero gender is switched. Meaning, instead of a guy, it’s a girl that is wearing the knight armor.

Damsel in distress, blah blah, classic stereotypes, but let’s keep the twist for the last moment, where the hero(ine)’s gender is revealed at the end of the game, this what I find interesting.
Now the task ahead is to make an actually good game.