I have been working a bit less of fury these past couple of days as I felt I had to slow down the pace, just in order to keep focused and to manage my energy better.

Anyway I have made another significant progresses and I am right now in the polish pahse, where I can finally correct all the little bugs, update the graphics, and do all these minors things that wasn’t the priority.

I wanted to talk a bit about cutting things, and that sometimes may be for the best. Indeed as I was working on my randomly chosen levels, I wanted the boss to remain hidden unless the player accomplish some special task.

Between each level should have been a kind of « key level » that the player had to complete under a time limit to win, before returning to the normal levels. These keys levels would have to occur every two or three normal level. If the player didn’t manage to do it, she would simply go back to the normal level and the next key level she had to go through would be the one she didn’t succeed.

Completing a level would have unlocked a key, and in order to fight the boss the player had to obtain several keys.

But as I was testing things out, playing and playing again through the normal level, I figured that there was no interest in these key levels as they were only artificially making the game longer. After testing with exterior people than me, it appears that it was really boring. I decided to cut this whole part then, and I was somewhat relieved because I was struggling to get that system as well as creating the resources. I made the game very more simple, by adding the boss fight after 5 normal levels. I currently have a dozen of level that are randomly chosen each time one is completed, so it is enough for having some novelty for several playthrough.

So instead of that boring part, I have given more work on the boss, and decided to add a reward screen, after the boss fight. I had fun doing that and after the long level/boss battle coding process, it was like a huge breath of fresh air.

So yeah, sometimes, being too stuborn will ruin your game, consuming time, energy and motivation. The game is diffiucult, so making it longer wouldn’t have done any good in my opinion and as I am wrinting these lines, I am thinking on lower the difficulty again a bit.

Anyways, I will soon start the android and html5 exports test and  this is exciting!