I have been working on the boss system the last couple of days. Sometimes I made good progress and some other time I got struck, but I eventually manage to figure a way out of trouble.

I have worked on the boss pattern system and coding the whole battle, from start to the end with the death of the boss. The boss have three different patterns with two random minigames inbetween. One is simply some more alien to shoot, the other one si a dodging sequence. Both are random though the dodging sequence have a higher chance to occur.

The boss’ patterns are also randomly selected.

in order to kill the boss, the player must shoot a specific point that may appear at 4 random location on the boss. This is not implemented yet, but the weak point is fully operational and hitting it decreases the boss’ hps until death.

I still have to code the bullets and lasers during the different patterns, as well as spawning a few ennemies in front of the boss as some kind of shield.

I gained some experience using the user_event though it’s still somewhat unclear to me as well as with using scripts, which is really a damn good thing, very useful and efficient. I think I will not be able to not use scripts in the future =D

Anyway, good night.