A little while ago, I was contacted for an advertising opportunity for Flappynoug by ad provider Adbuddiz. Even though some people don’t seem to like them, I have read some question in forums by devs who were questionning themselves about how to integrate their SDK. Meaning that other dev have been contacted and offered an opportunity like me.

Well, I think this will not do any harm to Flappynoug, in the opposite, I think it can give a little visibility boost I could’nt achieve alone. So I said yes. Basically, the deal was:

I agree to use Adbuddiz as my primarily advertising source for three months, and they feature me for free in their own app that generates traffic: Giftiz. It’s an app that rewards the user with real life gifts, and it’s based on a missions system that built experience points, for instance : score 10 points on that game, or download and install that particular game.

The staff is nice and polite (well they better be actually) and they provide step by step tutorials for integrating their sdks. One for integrating their ads, which are really nice by the way,     and the other one for implementing the Giftiz function inside the game. It results visually in a gift icon a little out of the box and a few sliding boxes (one greeting you as a Giftiz user, and another one informing you that the mission have been completed), but eh, I think it’s worth it, and it’s not very intrusive.

They seem to support a lot of technology and game softwares like GameMaker, Construct and Unity for instance. It also seem that they may provide HTML5 ads, but I didn’t tried that out yet.
One last thing, is that they are not deployed the AMazon store (yet?).