So last I time I had issues with installing USB drivers and I couldn’t restart my comp. By the way, I fixed this problem when I bought an USB keyboard, just in order to be ablke to press the « 7 » key. (I’ll comme back to that a bit later)

But today I will talk about my tries on html5 export. It all went well in the end, that’s the good news. And the game is playable at the end of the article 😉

I started to try to export to html5 as I would like to publish Flappynoug on Facebook, and first of all, I wanted to know if that was possible. A quick search brought me directly here:

Getting your HTML5 game to facebook , but as they kindly remind the reader, it’s no use aiming straight at facebook if you didn’t make sure your html5 game is running well. So the second link provided by this artice is about hosting your html5 game to a webhost. And they take you step by step into setting a free account for hosting your game. Luckily I used to begin learning html, css and website creating stuff, so I wasn’t lost when I had to use FileZilla to upload my game.

The problem I encounterd was that my game wasn’t running as though the web page was correctly displayed.

My first reaction was that my code wasn’t strict enough for html5, so I spent one whole day rewrinting my code for that purpose.

Really, I lost some time with that, but the reason was simply that I did upload JUST the index.html file, as Inaively thought that all the resources were in that file. I just had to add the folder with all the resources on the server and voilà, Flappynoug is running on chrome, firefox and internet explorer.

So, about publishing to Facebook, well this another story. One mlust have an SSL certificate in order to publish one’s game, and that costs extra money added to the anual server cost rent. So, after comparing a bit different web hosts, I decided to set aside Facebook publication for now and to continue with the free host solution I have at Free web Host Area.

So, the most important is that Flappynoug is now online, and playable here:

Play Flappynoug !