Something really surrealistic, pitiful and frustrating actually happened.

Couldn’t sleep so I decided to continue working towards implementing gamepad support for Flappynoug.

I used to run somes tests with gamepads before, so I wasn’t worried. I’ve never been so wrong…

Well, what happened is that I had my PS3 controller plugged and recognized as an Xbox 360 controller with joyinmotion. What is happening now is that as I’m not ay home as I am in Québec for a year, is that I am not working on my home windows 7 computer, I’m working on my windows 8.1 Cintiq Companion.

The deal is that I don’t remember having particuliar troubles with setting up joyinmotion with my ps3 at home (meaning win 7). And NOW, i discover that I have to reboot my win 8 pc in order to deactivate the forcing of the signed usb drivers. So no prob, I restart the comp, and get this screen in which I am prompted to choose my option. Basically, I just have to press 7 or F7 on my keyboard. HERE is the probleme: cintiqs companion DON’T have keyboards. The have virtual keyboards which are of course useless in these kind of booting menus. Stylus pointing and clicking won’t work neither will the mouse and the bluetooth keyboard will not have a better chance.

And here I am, stucked because, all the thing I have to do is to… buy a keyboard, an actual USB keyboard. Seriously?

Really, I was so far of imagining these kind of things. Plus, I really do hope that plugging a simple usb keyboard will work. After all this, I won’t be surprised if doesn’t work.
Let’s see maybe tomorrow.